ADA and other Exam Accommodations

Candidates who have a condition(s) covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 or other applicable laws can apply for test accommodations after they've applied to take any part of the exam. Please review the NCIDQ's Test Accommodation Guidelines before you apply.

To request accommodations, please download and complete the Application for Test Accommodations. The accommodations application and all other required documentation must be submitted by the late registration deadline of the exam period you want to be tested in.

NOTE: Candidates must re-submit their request for accommodations each time they register for an exam. Requests granted once don't guarantee future accommodations.

Courtesy Accommodations

Candidates taking the exams or who have special needs that are not generally covered by the ADA — pregnancy or diabetes, for example, or requests for alternate test dates for religious observances — should complete the Application for Courtesy Accommodations - PRAC or IDFX and IDPX. The form and required documentation must be received by the late registration deadline and specify the accommodation(s) you are requesting and the reasons you need them. We will review your request and let you know what we determine.

If you are taking the computer-based exams at a Prometric location, you can't take anything into the testing room with you. However, you can leave personal items in lockers in the test center. If you need to leave the testing room to get them, you can, but you have to comply with all check-in and check-out procedures and you don't get extra time to do this.

NOTE: If you are requesting accommodations for the IDFX or IDPX section of the exam, please submit your accommodations request before registering for those sections.