2016 Exam Fees

2016 EXAM-RELATED FEES (all prices in U.S. $)
Application Fees
Certificate Candidate Application (All 3 Sections) $220
Certificate Candidate Application (IDFX only) $120
Certificate Candidate Application (after approval of IDFX only) $121
IDFX & IDPX Scheduling Fees
Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) $295
Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX) $345
Appointment Changes or Cancellation Surcharge for IDFX or IDPX $50/$75/section
Emergency Cancellation for IDFX or IDPX $125/section
Practicum Exam Scheduling Fees
Interior Design Practicum (PRAC) $450
Late Registration Surcharge for Practicum $175
Surcharge for Changes to Online Registrations/Offline Processing $15
Cancellations for Practicum $130
Emergency Cancellation for Practicum $225