How to Volunteer

Help plan exciting, productive annual meetings. Become a subject matter expert for the NCIDQ Exam. Spread the word about why obtaining the NCIDQ Exam and Certification are important for one's career and the profession.

These are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available at the Council for Interior Design Qualification or CIDQ, the organization of U.S. and Canadian interior design regulatory boards whose mission is to ensure that the work of NCIDQ Certified designers protects the public. Please join us!

Volunteer opportunities are available both on long-term standing committees and on task forces that address specific time-limited topics -- computerizing sections of the Exam or translating the Exam into different languages, for example. In whatever capacity they work, our volunteers provide the broad input, diverse experience and new viewpoints the CIDQ needs to stay up to date and in touch with the latest developments in the field.

So if you have a passion for maintaining the standards of the profession, a desire to evolve and elevate the stature of interior design, and the commitment and skill to work diligently with a group of dedicated colleagues – we want you!

To educate us on your interests, experiences and some of the reasons our volunteer community appeals to you, please complete our volunteer interest form here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Volunteers are essential to the growth and health of CIDQ and the profession. They continuously infuse the organization with novel and diverse viewpoints, and we are deeply committed to developing new leaders. Therefore, CIDQ places great importance on reserving positions every year for new volunteers to serve on each committee.

That said, sometimes there are more available volunteers than there are slots. So please don’t be discouraged if you are not immediately appointed to serve in a volunteer role. Positions arise throughout the year and new positions are available annually. Whether or not you climb on board for this round, we will keep your contact information handy so we can contact you easily.

Current volunteers: We value you and your work tremendously and thank you for the support and service you provide CIDQ. Your viewpoints and expertise are essential to keeping our organization and profession current and thriving.

Ambassador and Champions Program

If you don’t have enough time to serve as an appointed member on a committee or task force but you still want to give back to CIDQ, consider becoming an NCIDQ Exam Ambassador or Champion. Ambassadors are NICDQ Certified designers and practitioners committed to informing recent graduates and colleagues about the importance and value of the NCIDQ Exam and of NCIDQ Certification. Champions are interior design educators committed to informing students and fellow faculty members about the Exam and the value of NCIDQ Certification.

For more details, visit the Ambassador and Champions Program information page.

2016 Committees

Below is a list of all of the volunteer opportunities available for active NCIDQ Certified interior designers. Look it over. If a committee grabs your interest and matches your skills and expertise, please apply!

Ambassador Facilitators

Support Ambassadors regionally and assist in evaluating the success and effectiveness of the Ambassadors’ program.

Champions Facilitators

Support Champions regionally and assist in evaluating the success and effectiveness of the Champions’ program.

Annual Meeting Planning

Assist the CIDQ president and staff with local planning for the annual meeting if you are a resident of the city where the annual meeting is being held. More broadly, provide input to develop conference programming.

Item Writers

Work with colleagues to develop questions for the two multiple-choice exams based on the content outlines of each.

Cut Score Study

Review IDFX and IDPX with revised exam blueprint in Spring 2016 to determine passing point of each exam.

Multiple Choice

Oversee and finalize the questions that have been developed for use on the two multiple-choice exams. Previous experience as an item writer is required for this committee.


Mentor, recruit, and select qualified and effective leaders for the CIDQ Board of Directors.


Oversee and develop case studies for the NCIDQ Practicum Exam. Previous experience as a grader is required for this committee.

Practicum Graders

Grade the NCIDQ Practicum Exams according to specific criteria and methodology.

Peer Review

Serve as a subject matter expert to evaluate the education and work experience of individuals who are applying to take the NCIDQ Exam, specifically through the Alternative Application Review Program (AARP).

Policies and Procedures

Responsible for ensuring that CIDQ’s governing policies are properly maintained, and for proposing new policies that may be necessary to keep the policies consistent and current.

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Help to secure funds and donations to support exam and organizational activities.

2016 Task Forces (ad hoc projects):  

Global Outreach

Exam Translation