NCIDQ Certification Appellation Code of Ethics

As an interior designer who has successfully passed the NCIDQ Exam and who maintains annual Active Certification Holder status with CIDQ, and as such has the right to use the appellation “NCIDQ," I agree to abide by the following statements:

1.0 Regarding the laws regulating the interior design profession
I shall:

  • abide by the registration/licensure laws in any state, province or jurisdiction in which I conduct business;
  • sign and/or seal drawings, specifications or other interior design documentation only where I or my firm have prepared, supervised, or professionally reviewed and approved such documents, as allowed by relevant state or provincial laws.

2.0 Regarding professional behavior
I shall:

  • practice in a responsible, honest, equitable and trustworthy manner with clients, colleagues, related professionals, suppliers, vendors and the public;
  • perform professional services with consideration to the health, safety and welfare of the public.

And I shall not:

  • make misleading, deceptive or false statements or claims about my professional qualifications, education, experience or performance;
  • engage in any form of misleading advertising or promotional activities, nor imply through any means that staff members or employees of my firm are registered/licensed, or have qualifications unless such is fact;
  • engage in conduct involving fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or dishonesty in professional or business activity;
  • attempt to obtain a contract to provide interior design services for myself or my firm through any unlawful means;
  • make any payment or offer any gift to any public official or take any other action with the intent of unduly influencing the official’s judgment in conferring an existing or prospective project in which I am interested;
  • assist or abet improper or illegal conduct of anyone in the completion of a project.

3.0 Regarding responsibilities to clients
I shall:

      • undertake professional responsibility only for interior design services which I am, by education, experience and examination, competent to adequately perform;
      • ensure that my contracts with clients clearly set forth the scope and nature of the project, the services to be performed and all methods of compensation for those services;
      • disclose to an employer or client, prior to engagement, any direct or indirect financial interest I may have that could affect their impartiality in specifying project-related goods or services, and I shall not knowingly assume or accept any position in which my personal interest conflicts with my professional duty, and shall withdraw upon objection by the employer or client;
      • keep confidential all information about clients and projects, and shall not utilize photographs or specifications of a project without the written consent of the client, with the exception of those specifications or drawings over which I retain proprietary rights;
      • act with fiscal responsibility in the best interest of my clients, and maintain sound business relationships with suppliers, industry and trades for the best service possible to the public.

4.0 Regarding responsibilities to other interior designers and professional colleagues
I shall:

        • abide by common law and statutory prohibitions against tortuous interference of contract and will now unlawfully interfere with another interior designer’s existing contractual relationships;
        • only take credit for work that has actually been created by me, by my firm, or under my immediate supervision, direction and control;
        • when requested and when it does not present a conflict of interest, provide a second opinion to a client, or serve as an expert witness in a judicial or arbitration matter;

And I shall not:

      • make any intentionally false communication, either written or spoken, that harms another interior designer’s reputation or otherwise disparages his or her character;
      • accept instructions from my clients that knowingly involve plagiarism, nor shall I consciously plagiarize another’s work;
      • endorse the NCIDQ application, professional organization membership and/or registration or licensure of an individual known to be unqualified with respect to education, experience, examination or character, nor shall I knowingly misrepresent the professional expertise or moral character of that individual.