The NCIDQ Certification


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Today, it is not enough for a provider of interior design services to understand how to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. It is at least as vital that they can design public and private interior spaces that meet current safety standards, and that the public feels confident in their ability to do that.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, the NCIDQ Certification demonstrates that you are uniquely qualified through education, experience and examination to competently practice interior design in all of its facets, including aesthetics and safety standards. More than 30,000 people around the world have earned the prestigious NCIDQ Certification, the mark of a professional interior designer.

Showcase Your Credential

NOTE: Beginning July 15, 2013, Active NCIDQ Certified Designers can use the letters "NCIDQ" to display their credential after their name once they complete the "Appellation Agreement" in their MyNCIDQ account (Coming Soon). In that agreement, Certification Holders agree to terms and conditions that include a Code of Ethics and agreeing to random annual audits to confirm that they've reached the minimum of 0.6 CEU credits each year.

Here is the correct usage for active NCIDQ Certified Designers once they have completed the online agreement:

Your Name, NCIDQ
Your Name, NCIDQ

Incorrect Usage:

Your Name, NCIDQ-Certified

Correct Usage for Inactive NCIDQ Certified Designers:

Your Name, NCIDQ® Certification Number 000000
Your Name NCIDQ® Certification No. 000000

To continue receiving the Appellation benefit, Certificants must renew their Certification every year. Otherwise, they become an Inactive NCIDQ Certified Designer and may no longer use the appellation. Inactive Certified Designers must use the longer version of showcasing their credential, as shown in the last example above.

Certificate Holder Benefits

Active Certification holders receive these exclusive benefits:

  • NCIDQ Certification Appellation – Lets you easily showcase your credential after your name, using just "NCIDQ" or the unique NCIDQ Certification mark rather than your whole Certification number.
  • Mobility – Lets you send an official verification of your education, experience and Exam results to any jurisdiction or professional organization.
  • Online Access – Allows you to access the NCIDQ Exam’s website to change your address, renew your Certification online, or request additional services.
  • News Updates – Provides access to CIDQ's bi-weekly email newsletter "Interior Design Today," which provides up-to-date news and trends in the profession.
  • Volunteer Opportunities –  Lets you serve as an NCIDQ Exam volunteer, sharing your expertise and networking with professionals across the United States and Canada. This is a great way to ensure the strong future of the interior design profession.

If you are an Active NCIDQ Certified Designer, we will e-mail you when it is time to go online and renew your membership for an additional year of benefits. Be sure to keep your e-mail address current so you don’t miss out on important announcements or opportunities.

Click here to access your MyNCIDQ record to update your information or to reactivate your Certification. There is a fee to reinstate an Inactivate Certification.

Requiring the NCIDQ Certification

Twenty-six U.S. states and Canadian provinces require that you successfully complete the NCIDQ Exam to become professionally registered. The NCIDQ Certification also is required for professional membership in the American Society of Interior Designers, and for the professional interior designer membership categories of the International Interior Design Association and the Interior Designers of Canada.