Get Prepped with Online Practice Tests 

The Council for Interior Design Qualification, Inc. (CIDQ) has available for purchase two online multiple-choice practice tests that exam candidates can use to prepare for the new computer-based multiple-choice exams, the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) and the Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX).

The practice tests were developed for candidates who want to get valid, reliable study materials directly from CIDQ. Both are available exclusively through the Prometric delivery system, the same company that administers the computer-based NCIDQ exams.

“These practice tests provide robust diagnostic feedback that candidates can use to develop a study plan that relates directly to their areas of weakness,” says CIDQ Executive Director Dr. Carol Williams-Nickelson.

The two practice tests are designed to support each of the two multiple-choice exam sections. IDFX addresses the content areas of building systems, construction standards and design application. IDPX addresses building systems, codes, professional practice issues and project coordination. Each practice test contains 50 questions, reflecting the same percentage of questions in each content area that appears on the actual exam. The cost of each practice test is $90. Click here to purchase a practice test now!

The computer-delivered multiple-choice exam sections will be administered at more than 300 Prometric locations in North America. Approved exam candidates can register for the exams through the Prometric registration portal at

Find complete information on the NCIDQ Exam on the organization’s Web site,

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