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health, safety and welfare in the interior design profession.

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The NCIDQ Examination
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The NCIDQ Certification

It is more important than ever for clients, policy-makers and the general public to know that interior designers distinguish themselves by demonstrating a specific set of competencies, supported by supervised work experience and a college degree, to earn the NCIDQ Certification – the standard for professional interior designers.

The NCIDQ Exam

Qualified individuals apply to take the NCIDQ Exam. After eligibility is approved, the candidate registers for each of the three sections of the exam and must successfully pass each section within a specific timeframe. The exam is continually updated to ensure it aligns with the most current professional knowledge necessary to design spaces that are innovative, functional and safe.

The World of Interior Design

There’s more than meets the eye. Interior design is a multifaceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a functional, safe and aesthetically attractive interior environment.

The mark of a professional since 1974

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The Council for Interior Design Qualification is the only organization to provide an internationally recognized certification exam for the profession of interior design.

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